30 Before 30

Today I turn 29. How could I be entering the last year of my twenties?! I remember so clearly turning 19 at college... ten years ago! I don't feel 29, if ages have a feeling. I never was able to stay up late or eat whatever I want and not gain weight, so nothing has changed! 

Just thinner eyebrows, thinner face, thinner hair... haha. 

Anyway, in August, one of my best friends created a "30 Before 30" list on her 29th birthday. These were 30 things she wants to accomplish before her 30th birthday. I liked that idea and wanted to create a list like that for myself. After this week, it seems even more appropriate. Mike's oldest sister passed away unexpectedly on Monday, at only 32 years old. I was reminded more than ever that we are not guaranteed tomorrow, and we should be numbering our days. While not all of the things on my list have eternal significance, I still felt that making goals so I don't waste my days would be an appropriate way to celebrate life, that fragile gift from God.

So here it is:

Amanda Arbia's 30 Before 30:
1. make homemade pasta
2. play Halo with Mike
3. turn my handwriting into a font
4. teach myself to use my new DSLR and editing program
5. create a family tree for any future offspring
6. find an awesome place I've never been
7. take a relaxing bath at least twice a month, but ideally once a week
8. take one photo a day
9. back up and organize all my photos
10. read Les Miserables
11. write and illustrate a children's book
12. write letters to loved ones
13. grow herbs and not kill them
14. finish wedding, Israel, and cruise scrapbooks
15. try a food I've never tried before
16. refinish the dresser myself
17. picnic with Mike and Lucia at Honeymoon Island
18. make something from Julia Child's cookbook
19. try a new and potentially drastic hairstyle
20. throw a themed party
21. finally get down to 150 lbs.
22. purge wardrobe
23. purchase classic wardrobe staples
24. cook the perfect steak
25. finish writing my Bible study on singleness
26. begin photography business
27. learn to style my hair without heat
28. go without dairy for two weeks
29. go without gluten for two weeks
30. para sail over the Gulf

Don't hate me for not putting a marathon goal up there. I just really hate running. And everyone suggests sky diving. You know what I say to that? "Heck no." I had to choose things that wouldn't be entirely dependent on money, either. At age 30, I'd like to look over my twenties with satisfaction. Already I think I can do that, but these things will help even more. More than anything, however, and impossible to really put onto a list like this, is that I want to be able to clearly see how God has grown me more into a godly woman over the years. I hope I will have more wisdom, holiness, and love for others by the time I hit 30, one year from today.

xoxo, A