Turning Thirty

My thirtieth birthday came and went. It was a lovely day, full of things I love: family, thunderstorms, good food, and a musical Disney movie. But when it was all said and done, of course it was just a day. And thirty doesn't feel any different than twenty-nine. To be perfectly honest, thirty doesn't feel all that different from the last few years. It does feel different than twenty, though, in a good way. I feel more confident in who I am in the Lord. I feel closer to my Savior. I have more responsibilities. The negative side to thirty is feeling the weight of those responsibilities, however.

But thirty really does feel good. I like who God has made me and I like what God has allowed me to do. What feels best about thirty is not the thought of getting older-- increased lines, gray hairs, weight gain, and joint pain. It's the thought of both what I've done in the last thirty years, and the thought of what I will do in the next.

I'd like to hope I'll meet every birthday with that perspective.
Happy 30th Birthday to me!

Oh... and I did NOT complete my 30 before 30 list. At all. haha.
xoxo, A