Hello, My Name is Amanda and I'm a Published Author.


After years of writing and many queries, I'm published.

But let's be real here: it's just Chicken Soup for the Soul.  Hahaha!  Everytime I think of it, I laugh.  I mean, there are plenty of people who are really blessed by the Chicken Soup books, but they have never really been my thing, you know?  Still, the story I wrote is one of the most important of my life, and they chose it, and for that I'm grateful.

What's most amazing about this is that God is continuing to use my late youth pastor, years after his death.  That is a legacy.  I pray someday that God will use me even after my death.

Another amazing thing is that this was totally unexpected, and very encouraging.  God has words for me to write, and this gives me encouragement to keep writing them. 

So if you're interested, my story "My First Ebenezer" is published in Chicken Soup for the Soul:Finding My Faith.  I don't get any royalties though.  Hahaha!  Still, there could be some other good stories in there, so take a look, if you're so inclined!  The Kindle edition is available now on Amazon, but it won't be on the shelves until some time in October, I believe.

Meanwhile, I got several copies in the mail.  And my father in law wants me to sign his, just in case I become the next Mark Twain.  Hahahaha.  As if (channeling my inner Cher from Clueless there.  90s girls: wasn't that just a great movie?!  Haha!).

But seriously.  Thanks, God.  This is an awesome thing to happen. :)

xoxo, A