Name That (Nonexistent) Baby!

School started up again.  You should have guessed that, based on my absence here.  I've got to get my head above water at school before I can start treading water over here.  Sorry!  But I was inspired today, after reading on of my favorite blogs.  The Pioneer Woman has it all.  I want to be her, really, but not in Oklahoma so much.  She's not pregnant, but listed her favorite baby names.  I am also not pregnant, but I wish to do the same.

Oh baby names.  I remember writing you down when my mind drifted during sermons when I was a teenager.  There's just something about names I've always loved.  When I'd try to write a story that I would inevitably never finish, I spent the most time carefully constructing character names.  It was the same way when I played Barbies.

And names are so subjective!  People have violent reactions to names they dislike, and find themselves enraptured with names they enjoy.  Weird, the power names have.  Maybe that's why in the Bible, names were so significant.

So here are the names I love.  Follwing that are the names Hband and I have actually agreed upon (it's a much shorter list).  But sometimes I wonder, when I actually do have a child... will they fit one of these names or need something entirely different?

Genevieve-- I've loved this name for years.  It was my great-grandmother's name on my Mom's side, and my great-aunt's name on my dad's side.  I've always thought it was so feminine and beautiful.  I wouldn't shorten it to Gen, but definitely Eve or Evie.

Isabel-- I don't like Isabella as much, though it is pretty.  I'd never want anyone calling my daughter Bella, that dim-witted psycho/stalker/clingy chick from Twilight.  But Izzy is cute.  Isabel makes me think of a dark beauty from the Mediterranean.  Which, if my daughter has my husband's swarthiness, could be accurate.

Lena (Lee-nuh), or maybe Evangelina--  My dad's grandmother, I think, was Lena, and I think it's sweet and simple and lovely.  Plus, it's a hint of his name: Len. 

Gray--  I could never use this name now.  Not since Fifty Shades of Gray came out.  Gross.  But otherwise, it was a strong, pretty name that made me think of autumn and everything cozy.

Liberty-- I'm an all-American girl.  I think this is a cute and unique name.

Tzipporah-- I love how exotic this Old Testament names is.  It rolls of your tongue, and I guess I picture another dark beauty.

Gioia (Jzoy-uh)-- This word is Italian for joy (Hband is Italian), which is adorable, but also my Nana's name.

Israel--  I just love this name.  It's so meaningful, but it's also strong and interesting, and unlike most common names.

Judah-- I always thought it would be kind of funny/mean to name two sons Israel and Judah, but Judah is so nice, and I've loved it for years and years, before lots of my friends started naming their sons Judah. :( haha.  Plus, I could shorten it to Jude and have an excuse to sing him a Beatles song.

Eli-- This one is short and sweet, but strong and just, well, cool-sounding.

Justice-- OK, a kid name Justice is going to be legend... wait for it... dary. 

Gray--  I like this for a boy, too.  It's strong and cozy.

Joseph Michael Len-- I like the two middle names idea.  It can pack more punch.  Joseph is Hband's dad's name, Michael is Hband's name, and Len is my dad's name.

Isabel something something-- hahaha, we like Isabel.  Well, he likes Isabella, but gross-- no BELLA!

Genevieve something something-- Hband said, "Can I call her Evie?" Hahaha cute.

Eli something something-- he'll have to have some long middle names to round it all out.

So, call me silly if you want to, but I still love names.  What names do you like, even if you're done having kids?  And hey... don't steal my names. ;-) Kidding.  Sort of.

xoxo, A