A Moment to Breathe!

I'm shocked.  Here it is, 8 days before Christmas, and do you know what I'm doing?  I'm sitting in my pajamas on the couch, watching TV as my puppy gnaws happily on a bone on the floor.

My Christmas shopping is done, everything is wrapped, the cookies are made and have been passed out.  My house is a little cluttered, as it is often is, but is essentially cleaned.  All my grocery shopping for the three desserts (pumpkin cheesecake, double chocolate cake, and apple pie) I'm making for Christmas Eve and the massive Christmas Day brunch are bought and planned.  Reviews of these will show up later, trust me.  

The fact that I have an evening to myself to relax is an astonishing blessing from the Lord.  He is so good to me.  After an extremely tumultuous last couple of weeks, my voice is finally on the mend, we bought a car (hallelujah!), and Christmas joy is in the air!!

I know it will get crazy soon, as Saturday we're doing Disney (YAY!!!), Sunday is the last Bucs game with a concert, and then WHAM!  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day-- then my parents come for a visit!  But for now, here's a moment I'm allowing myself to enjoy.  I'm doing nothing, I'm breathing, and I'm relaxing.  Aaaahhh.

I hope you get a moment to yourself to do the same!
xoxo, A