My Best Christmas Gift.

Have you ever wanted something really badly?  Maybe at Christmastime as a child there was a toy you had to have.  When I was young, I had to have Puppy and Kitty Surprise.  Do you remember those?  It was a stuffed animal literally stuffed with an unknown number of puppies/kitties inside her velcroed tummy.  Kind of macabre, since the whole party would count as you pulled the babies out of her belly.

But do you know what I mean?  Wanting something so badly, you can feel it?  That yearning, that hope?  Maybe you wanted to go home so badly you could taste it.  Maybe you wanted to go on vacation more than anything.  Or maybe, like me, you wanted a husband.

I didn't just want any old husband, or just a male to hang around so I wouldn't be lonely.  More than anything, I wanted that one man who God had picked out just for me.  I wanted a husband who would be godly, funny, attractive, and my best friend.  At times, I wanted it so badly it hurt.  Other times, it seemed it would be something I always wanted but would never receive.

Then suddenly, I had it.  And I am so, so thankful.  My husband is the best gift (other than salvation) I've ever received, because I wanted it so badly and for so long.  He is my favorite Christmas gift this year, and probably forever.  Here are some reasons why:

He's learning how to act around children, and he does a great job with our niece.  He puts on a good show, but I know his insides melt like butter. 

He got all dolled up and married me.  He chose me, for some reason.  And he choked up when we read our vows.  That means a lot to me.

He loves many of the same things I love (here, America :) ).

He also loves many of the foods I love (here, Chipotle).

He's really cute, and does really cute things, not even on purpose.  I mean, look at him.

He lost 40 pounds.  I liked him with his extra 40 pounds, but he was so dedicated to getting healthy.  I'm proud of him.

He hams it up and is so handsome, too.  Observe my funny, handsome, husband.

He's a great travel companion.

He is just so adorable.  And he loves our puppy.

Thank you, God, for my favorite Christmas gift ever.

xoxo, A