Am I the only one who, when they think about an upcoming vacation, they get a sort of "feel" they know it will have and then plan out a wardrobe accordingly? I'm the only one? Okay... 

Seriously though. I do that. For example: our Mediterranean cruise last summer. In my mind, it would be all water, wind, sun, and old-world-y, and the wardrobe I thought of would be breezy, loose, coral, aqua, and navy. I literally constructed a wardrobe out of all the coupons, gift cards, and thrifting that in my mind, encapsulated what our trip would be like.

Murano, Italy

Leaving Venice, Italy. Ignore Mike's creepy facial expression.

Somewhere on the Mediterranean.

It's really fun for me. It feels like a more productive and practical way of designing a line of clothing (which I've always wanted to do. Ask to see my notebooks full of designs sometime.

Anyway... we have a trip coming up this June. We're going to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We're going with my parents and brother, and I'm really excited because I've never been out that way before. We plan to go to Yellowstone and see Old Faithful, do some horseback riding, try fly fishing, and all that sort of stuff.  We are staying here.

And I'm thinking there should be a whole lot of chambray, worn denim, tribal/Native American prints, plaid, flannel, and olive-colored shorts, with awesome hiking boots. That's just what I'm feeling. Here's some of my inspiration:

Are you feeling it too? If you want my whole inspiration board, check it out on Pinterest here.  

I know there's not much depth to this post. But hey. It's Saturday. :)

xoxo, A