What to Do?

Oh time.  How it has a way of getting away from me.  My intention was to pause my blogging for a week.  It's going to be longer than that.  School is ending, which brings a whirlwind craziness rivaled only by school beginning, and on top of that, I'm trying to prepare for a three- week trip that arrives in ONE week!  Then, throw in some friend time and other commitments, and suddenly blogging takes a back seat.  Not for forever, but for a little while.

At the end of a school year, I always re-think what I want to do with my life.  I do like teaching, but by this time in the year, I'm worn out and frankly, kind of don't want to speak to an adolescent for a while.  I love my students; if I didn't, I wouldn't still be teaching them.  But ten months of learned helplessness, laziness, and thick skulls is wearisome.

Last night I caught up with a good friend and, incidentally, the mother of Bestie and Bestie Jr.  She's kind of an adopted mom for me, and I cherish the time I get to spend with her.  I talked to her about how sometimes I just want to drop what I'm doing and start something completely new.  I was referring to my job, but I realized I do that when it comes to all sorts of projects.  I have lots of unfinished DIY projects lying around because I do just that: drop what I'm doing to start something new!  She told me if I wanted to, now is certainly the time to do it.  This time of life, that is.  It take courage to uproot your way of life.  Bestie's husband did it, and while it was painful at the time, he's now in his dream job.  But what would I do, she asked.  I've struggled with this issue for years.  There's a bit of restlessness in my spirit, knowing that God has some things for me to do, but WHAT and WHEN are the two burning questions.

I like teaching and seem to have a knack for it.  I'd like to pursue teaching at a college level someday.  Dream job=Moody prof, but that's unlikely.

I love to write, but on my time and my terms.  I think I'll make sure to set aside time to do that each week so I can continue to pursue that vein.  Maybe I won't get quite so many rejection letters this time.

Photography-- I'm an amateur with an amateur's camera, but perhaps an eye for artful photographs.  While I'll never be a big-time professional photographer, I'd like more opportunities to practice, and maybe after lots and lots of photo shoots, I'll be able to start making money!

I love decorating but I'm sure I couldn't make a career of it.  Ideally, I'd love to be one of those persons who sets up a home for selling-- like Amy Adams in Leap Year.  What a fun job!  But that is also unattainable, I fear.

These are things I could see myself doing and enjoying, when the time comes to change things up.  I keep thinking it will be soon, but God seems to keep telling us to stay put.  And that's fine.  But meanwhile, I'm trying to balancing contentment with that itchy restlessness that comes with knowing there's more for you to do...

And in a final note: one thing NOT on my list that will make it there someday: motherhood.  That's not on my dream job list right now.  It used to be, but at this point in time, that's going to have to wait.  Sorry, Mom! :)

xoxo, A