Halloween Done Right

"Fun-size" (because really, what's fun about less candy?) Kit-Kat bars in an enamel pumpkin bucket outside my door?  Check.

Mass amounts of candy corn consumed (though stale, is it has been sitting in a leaf-shaped dish for a month)?  Check.

Last-minute cowgirl outfit on, complete with foam pistol from the costume box in my classroom?  Check.

Hot dog costume ready to be worn by my very own hot dog: Lucia?  Check.

Mom-made Star Trek Captain's uniform (gosh I hope I got that right so Hband doesn't correct me) ready to come to life on Hband?  Check.

Good friends with a cute baby prepared to trick-or-treat?  Check.

A dinner of $2 burritos from Chipotle waiting for us later because we're dressed up?  Check.

THAT is Halloween done right.  Pictures will follow!  Meanwhile, keep the adorable little kid costume pictures coming!  I can't get enough!  I saw a baby as a little giraffe, and a toddler as a monkey-- so cute I might die.  To hold you over, here is a picture of me on Halloween years ago.  As you can see, I'm adorable.

xoxo, A