I Don't Like It

Have you ever wanted to NOT like something just because everyone else DOES like it?  I have.  And I don't think that makes me a hippie or a hipster, because it's not that I take pleasure in being counter-culture-- it's just that sometimes, I find mass adoration of things annoying.  The most prominet examples of this are two wildly popular book series: Harry Potter  and Twilight.

Please don't hate me.

See, I gave Twilight the old college try.  My jr. high discipleship girls were reading the books, and I wanted to be "in the know," as they say (just kidding; no one says that), so I read the first one.  Aside from the poor writing, Bella was a really terrible excuse for a girl.  She was moody, clingy, and needy.  And she's OK with a freaking vampire watching her sleep.  I didn't finish the next book.  I. just. couldn't.  I even gave the first movie a try.  I laughed out loud literally the whole time.  Calm down, we rented it, so I didn't disturb the pre-pubescent girls and creepy cougarliscious women in the theaters.  But seriously.  I couldn't handle it.

I never read Harry Potter, though I've heard they're well-written and well-developed.  But somehow, the enormity of the books' subculture turned me off.  I don't know why-- it's not that I have a moral objection to reading about the supernatural.  I mean really-- my favorite shows of the moment are "Supernatural" and "The Walking Dead."  But I did allow myself to watch the movie.  It wasn't horrible, like Twilight, but I'll be honest: I was bored.  It seemed like just another movie about magic, without anything exceptional to boast about.  Plus the guy with no nose was really starting to creep me out.

Another confession: I never finished The Hunger Games trilogy.  *gasp*!!!!  I really did like the first book, though I'll admit it didn't suck me in as much as everyone warned me it would, and I'm a voracious reader.  I've yet to see the movie, but I'm looking forward to it.

It's just some sort of weird aversion I have to the obsessions people get with pop culture.  I like pop culture as much as the next girl; I watch E! occasionally and I really love to hunker down under the covers with a new People magazine, but when people start tattooing a lightning bolt on their foreheads and wearing fake fangs, I kind of want to run, and run fast.  In the other direction. 

I dislike reality TV, too.  But don't tell anyone that I watch "Bridezillas."

xoxo, A