Soul-Sticking Music

Have you ever felt an instant connection to a song? You maybe catch a bit of it on the radio and after just a few bars, your heart quickens and you know you're going to love this song so much that it will instantly become part of your "forever playlist." Everyone has one, even if it's only in your head. What's on yours?

Mine has things like "You Are the Sunshine of My Life," by Stevie Wonder, "And I Love Her," by the Beatles, "Somewhere Only We Know," by Keane, and many more. What's on your list? Songs like that will always be among my favorites, and sometimes I add songs after the first taste.

That happened on Monday. I was leaving work to pick up my dog (yeah, Lucia gets dog-sat by my mother-in-law. If you had a puppy and lived in an apartment, you'd understand) and realized I was listening to a song I'd never heard before. After mere seconds, I literally whispered "wow," and knew I was going to love this song forever. It was a combination of the actual music, the voices, the lyrics, and mostly the harmony (I'm such a sucker for great harmony!). I immediately texted (at a stop light, folks!) Bestie. She had to hear this song. After all, the two of us worked on the harmony for a Les Mis song for hours years ago until we got it just right. Turns out I'm way behind the times. She and Bestie Jr. had been enjoying the song for a while now. Guess I should get Spotify? How do you discover new music? I don't discover new tunes until they show up on the radio or I get a free song on iTunes.

What is it about music that makes it just stick to your soul? Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's only the case if you're a music person. But I believe music uniquely connects to the soul, as much art does, but unlike modern media or anything like that. Music is special.

What is this song, you ask? It's "Just Give Me a Reason," from Pink's new album, featuring Nate Ruess. It's clean, and it feels very real. It seems like a relationship in which the woman fears problems and needs reassuring, and the man thinks everything is fine, and they're going to make it. I love how real it seems, and the emotion in their voices. Beautiful. Listen to it here. Enjoy and tell me what you think!

xoxo, A