Ebenezers... Again.

I've written about ebenezers before. You know, the piles of stones the Israelites would erect as a testament of God's faithfulness? I'm a firm believer that recognizing and remembering ebenezers is something that grows  faith tremendously. Unless we choose to take notice of Gods faithfulness in our lives, we miss opportunities to change and grow.

I keep forgetting to do this- or to add to what I've started- but a great way to take notice is by writing little things that remind us of God's faithfulness on smooth stones (bought at Michael's), and then putting them in a tall glass vase. Then not only can you remove them and review God's faithfulness in your life, but just seeing the sheer number of stones will remind you, even in passing.

Something I'm more committed to is journaling. I don't do that as often as I should either, but every couple of weeks I like to write down ways that God has continued to show his faithfulness in my life.

Why do this? Because when hard times come and I feel alone and far from God? I can remind myself of what is true. God was faithful and good in the past. God is currently faithful and good. and God will continue to be faithful and good in the future.

I write this because recently, God met a need of ours in a very tangible way. A decreased paycheck, new car payment, and increased cost of insurance left us in a bad way for the month of January. But God knew, and God provided, and we want to always remember that God provides what we need, when we need it.

Then I had this thought: think about the joy we experience when God meets a physical need of ours. Now imagine our joy in eternity, when we fully realize the joy of God meeting our eternal spiritual needs! Won't that be incredible?!

So wherever you're at right now- whatever need you have at the moment- take a moment to review God's faithfulness in your life, and remember that God is faithful and good. He will meet your needs in the right way at just the right time.

xoxo, A