At This Time Last Year:

At this time last year, I was very nervous.  Not nervous because I wasn't sure if what I was about to do was right, but because you can't change your life forever and not be a little nervous.  On this day last year, I had a stupid meltdown at our rehearsal because we didn't have the music.  One meltdown for the whole wedding experience?  Pretty good, I'd say, considering it's me we're talking about here.  On this day last year, I sat in the car with my fiance and we prayed about what would happen the next day and for the rest of our lives.  On this day last year, I went to bed, surrounded by my best friends, and slept the sound sleep of one who knows God has led her to this man, this time, this occasion.

This day last year was the day before my wedding.  As much as I loved Mike then, little did I realize how much more I'd love him a year later.  Little did I know the struggles and the joys we'd encounter in our first year together.

This day last year was the eve of my very favorite day ever... to be reviewed tomorrow. :)

xoxo, A