DIY Friday: Bunting

Who doesn't love bunting?  Really, can you not love it?  Alright, so maybe my husband doesn't like it.  I wanted it at our wedding, but he said it would look like a circus.  So I got doily bunting instead. ;-)

Bunting could not be more easy to make.  You can use any number of supplies, but here is what I used to make this bunting for Bestie Jr.'s baby shower:

{P.S.: it now hangs in my classroom!}

Twine (mine was thin.  Ribbon or yarn work just as well)
A glue gun and refill sticks (quickest, in my opinion)
Fabric Scissors
Assorted fabric

You could get those cheap fat quarters of fabric at the fabric store; they usually go on sale for 40% off, or use a weekly coupon.  I find that if you get a yard or a half a yard for each fabric, you'll have way more than enough, because keep in mind: if you have four different fabrics, you're going to have a total of about two to four yards of fabric.  That's a lot.  Technically you could use paper instead of fabric, but there are so many fun patterns out there!  I usually head to the quilting fabrics. There are tons of designs and they are grouped by color.

I started by simply cutting a triangle out of cardboard.  I found the size I wanted my bunting to be, and I cut it out.  Be sure to use a ruler or something with a straight edge to help you.  Or, if you want to do semi-circle bunting, trace a bowl and cut it in half.  That cardboard is now your template.  

Now flip your fabric upside-down and trace the template on it over and over.

Then tediously cut them all out, preferably while gabbing with friends or watching "How I Met Your Mother," "The Walking Dead," or "Supernatural."  Just saying.

Once you have all your triangles cut out (be sure to use extra-sharp fabric scissors), place them in a pleasing order.

Now simply squirt a line of hot glue along the top and carefully press it into the twine.  I'd suggest the opposite, actually-- press the twine into the fabric.  Might be easier on your fingers.  Leave about an inch or two between triangles, and keep going until you're done!

Then you'll have delightful bunting for your next soiree!

xoxo, A