Fall Fashion Ideas

These are some fall-inspired outfits I came up with for this season.  I had so much fun putting them together! Here are the players, from top right: shirt: thrift store, belt: NY&Co, pants: NY&Co, cardigan: Target, shoes: Charlotte Russe.  shirt: thrift store, cardigan: Walmart, skirt: thrift store, shoes: Kohl's.  Shirt: thrift store, cardigan: Target, skirt: thrift store, shoes: Kohl's, belt: NY&Co.  Shirt: Ross, cardigan: JCPenney, skirt: thrift store, shoes: Target, belt: NY&Co.  Next group, left to right: Sweater: Old Navy, belt: Ross, skirt: thrift store, shoes: Target maybe?  I've had them forever, belt: Ross.  Shirt: target, skirt: thrift store, belt: NY&Co, shoes: Target, cardigan: Target.  Shirt: thrift store, sweater: thrift store, pants: NY&Co.

I love the colors: purple, rust, mustard, navy.
I love the textures: linen, sweaters, silky blouses.
I love the patterns: polka dots!

Have fun picking out your clothes this fall!

PS... after I took these pictures, I did get nude heels.  They would have made all the difference.  Haha.

xoxo, A