Tip for Tuesday: Make Room for Fall!

If you're like me, your one walk-in closet is shared with your husband.  And your husband gets exactly 1/4 of that closet.  Also, you wish this was your closet:

Are you like me?

If you're like me, you love clothes.  You have your classic wardrobe staples and summer clothes out in the open, and maybe your entire king-size bed's underbelly is full of sweaters and other such winter wear.  

And in an effort to make your closet seem a little bit more glamorous, you hang your clothes on wooden hangers, which means you're squeezing everything close-- so close they can smell each other's breath.

So there's no room for the new clothes you want when a new season begins... such as fall.

Unless you do what I'm about to do!

I heard of a place nearish to me that will give you some cash for your gently used, current clothes.  It's like Plato's Closet, but for women, not girls.  It's called the Clothes Mentor, and after two unsuccessful attempts to find it last Friday, I'm going again this weekend.  My goal is to clear some space in the closet and maybe make a little cash to cushion the new-wardrobe blow.

Maybe they'll only give me like, $3, but that's $3 more than I would have had.  I definitely overbought for the cruise... who would have guessed? ;-)

You could give the clothes to charity, too, which I've definitely done in the past.  But this year I had lots of barely-worn clothes, and I knew we didn't have a lot of money for new clothes.  

So this season, resist the urge to keep everything you own.  If you haven't worn an item for a full season, you need to toss it.  Well, with the exception of that ONE item that inspires you to lose weight, and that ONE item that feels really comfy if you pack on just a few more pounds.  Let's be real here, ladies.

I have a couple other suggestions for making some space in your closet for new clothes, and acquiring them for very little cost:

1.  Have a clothes recycling party with your friends.  At one point, about four of my friends and I wore the same size, so we brought out bags of clothes we hadn't worn in a long time, or fit just a little funny, and we went wild swapping!  It cost nothing and was fun, too!

2.  If you donate to a local thrift store, shop there, too-- it's a double-gift to charity!  I decided to stop into the local Salvation Army thrift store the other day, and it was the best shopping I've done for a while (more to come on those outfits, later)!  I got three blouses, one sweater, and a pencil skirt, all for $19.95!  And no one ever needs to know. ;-)

What are you waiting for?  Go rifle through your closet and rip out all you don't need or want, and make some room for fall! It will be here before you know it!

xoxo, A