Dumb yet Awesome Stuff I Did in College

A couple weeks ago, Hband and I were in the car, and he said this: "Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not as fun as I used to be."

Now, I think Hband is still a really fun guy.  I mean, he uses a silly voice for our dog, and that's pretty fun.  Even if he denies that he does it.  He does it.  Are you reading this, Hband?  I'm calling you out.  Regardless, I responded, "You're not less fun; you're just growing up."

I've already realized I'm less fun than when I was in college.  Don't forget, I'm a whopping 4 years older than Hband.  Four years, one month, and three days.  He's now beginning to comprehend that post-college means post-fun.  Not really, but kind of.

Last week, Bestie Jr. and I were driving home from a sister date, on which we saw Pitch Perfect (yes, it was very good!).  On the way home, we cackled about all the dumb yet somehow awesome stuff we did in college.  It was all so fun.  Then I spilled my water all over myself as I was driving and we laughed until we were silent.  You know why?  Because even post-college, we're still fun. :)

The dumb yet awesome stuff we did in college includes but is not limited to this list:

1.  Rolling our upper lip over our teeth and slumping against the wall in the hall of our floor, pretending we died that way, with our eyes open.  We wanted to see how long it would take for people to notice/laugh/prod us.  Only one person even acknowledged us.  But we loved it.

2.  Sledding down a tiny hill next to train tracks in downtown Chicago... on garbage bags.

3.  Pretending to get beaten up by Bestie while we were roommates, just to see who would come by, alarmed.  No one ever did.  They knew better.

4.  Knocking over a red candle that was sitting on a candle warmer... and having your room look like a murder scene.  Then posing like dead bodies for pictures.

5.  Pretending to be conjoined twins by sharing a shirt and tying our legs together.

6.  Creating an a cappella bluegrass band that played the air fiddle, air banjo, and the "vocalizer."  We specialized in singing "Happy Birthday" to students, sometimes in the dining room (SDR).

7.  Having an all-day Bro-Sis outing, during which we visited four museums, I think, and then when to Chinatown.  I also left my video camera in the Planetarium and had an athsma attack, all on the same day.

8.  Dragging Bestie down the hall on a blanket in the middle of the night.

9.  Creating valentines for our brother floor that went something like this:

10.  Having a bro-sis overnight at Inner-City Impact, where we made a horror movie in the middle of the night.

11.  Walking to Jewel in the hood at 10 p.m. in the cold, just to get break-and-bakes to aide our studying.

That's not the half of it, and pretty tame compared to others.  But for me, those were dumb, awesome, fun days.  But today is pretty fun too-- just maybe less dumb. :)

xoxo, A