Do you have your "go-to"s?  You know, your never fail, trusty, first thing on your mind in any given situation?  Here are some of mine:

Go-to song to sing if one is stuck in my head: "Yesterday" by the Beatles.  Hband prefers some kind of weird and stupid song he found on YouTube comparing dog and God.  I HATE IT.  I also don't know how he has memorized it so quickly.  I know one day our children will hate it too.

Go-to outfit: anything with a cardigan.  Cardigans make everything better and make my muffin-top less visible.

Go-to meal: chicken in the crock pot with roasted or smashed and roasted potatoes.  Can't lose.  But if we're talking quick meal, that would be quesadillas.  Hband said he'd eat them anytime, ever, forever.

Go-to saying: I know it's bad, and I never mean it, but I often respond to Hband with an insincere "You're stupid."  It always makes us laugh.  Also, I say "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" a lot when I'm frustrated in traffic, under my breath, or when I'm venting loudly-- a.k.a. "yelling."

Go-to Bible verse:  this is not trite, and not because it's one of those easy verses you memorized when you were seven, so when someone asks your favorite Bible verse you spout out whatever you have memorized, like "Jesus wept."  No-- these are my life verses, chosen during the most difficult struggle of my life thus far (singleness), and I imagine will carry me through every other challenge in my life: Psalm 27:13-14. 

Go-to feel-good song: anything from "Glee" that I can belt out, loudly.  Or "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls.  Stop judging me-- I grew up in the 90s.

Go-to feel-good movie: "You've Got Mail," "The Wedding Singer," or "While You Were Sleeping."  They make me feel all warm inside.

Go-to TV show: somehow I always end up watching "Bridezillas," or some sort of creepy "Snapped" type show about people who go crazy and kill other people.  I don't know why I watch those shows!  They're awful!!

Go-to hairdo: when I had long hair, it was the messy bun (God bless the genius that made that hairstyle fashionable!).  These days, it's a ponytail stub.

Go-to takeout: Subway.  we used to get these coupons that basically gave us two meals for like, $6, plus we'd get a free cookie with each survey we did on every receipt, so I think we were robbing them blind.  We don't get those coupons anymore.  But we still enjoy ourselves some bland ol' Subway!

Go-to mood-improver: shopping.  I don't really have money anymore (when I got married, my disposable income disappeared along with my ability to control my food intake), but going shopping still lifts my spirits.  I love to browse Target or HomeGoods like I actually have the means to take something home.

Go-to time-waster: duh.  Pinterest!  I literally spend hours there.  Not that it's all wasted time.  Sometimes I actually get good ideas that I use later.  But let's be honest.  Mostly I just look at pretty homes and lovely clothes, and laugh at stupid memes.

Go-to nickname for Hband: "darling."  It makes me feel like Laura Petrie and so old school.

Go-to date idea: takeout and a night in, watching whatever TV show we're currently viewing.  Right now it's the miniseries "Rome."

Go-to story to tell: Mike's completely crazy and utterly creepy college roommate.  Anytime a funny story needs to be told, this one shines!

I'm sure I have more.  These make me look super lame/boring, don't they?  What are your "go-to"s?

xoxo, A