My Husband, the Gamer

I may have just stood in the tamest gamer line ever.  I lined up for a ticket for Hband to come back later and claim his special edition of "Halo 4."  There were a gaggle of really nerdy maybe nineteen year olds ahead of me, complete with some kind of glowy mask that played "Halo" music.  There were two grumpy twentysomethings behind me who made cracks about everyone.  And at the beginning of the line were some old people there for their children, sitting in chairs as if they were going the be there all night.  We're talking like, 45 minutes, people.

At any rate, it got me thinking about one thing I am very thankful for.

Hband has a lot of self control when it comes to gaming.  I know how much he really loves it, and also how much he used to play.  And I know that part of the reason he doesn't play as much now is simply that he doesn't have time.  But I am beyond thankful that my husband chooses to spend time with me or time in ministry rather than allow games to suck the life out of him.

If you think I'm being dramatic about the pull of video games, I'm not.  I've experienced first-hand elsewhere how one can allow gaming to overtake their reality, and therefore miss out on all the important things in life in favor of a game.  It can destroy relationships and lives.

But Hband doesn't let that happen.  That's why I was so happy to stand in line for him today, and why I hope he'll take an entire Saturday and enjoy his game.  He deserves it.  I only wish I was good enough to play with him.  But apparently I lack the fine motor skills that "Halo" requires.

Happy gaming!
xoxo, A