Thanksgiving, in Review

I didn't have time to update this blog in time for Thanksgiving, what with all our merry-making.  Here's a collage to summarize our week in Chicago:

As you can see, no fancy editing was done.  Mostly because I wanted to simply enjoy my vacation without working on ANYTHING.  And that's what happened.  We had a horrific travel day, but after that, our visit was idyllic.  We went downtown and I finally (after 23 years of living in Cook County and 5 years visiting) made it up the "Willis" Tower.  We had lunch with family at the Walnut Room in "Macy's," which was fantastic!  Notice how I keep putting certain words in quotes?  That's because they changed the names of those places against my wishes.  They really should consider me in their decision making.  We took Christmas card pictures and stuffed ourselves on Thanksgiving, and I even decorated gingerbread men,too.

This trip reminded me of many of the things I'm thankful for.  On Thanksgiving Day, we sat at the table, enjoying the bounty my mom had created.  We went around the tables (we cousins were still at the kid table but don't mind a bit) and said what we were thankful for.  The oft-repeated thing was family, and it's true.  I'm very blessed with a wonderful family.  My grandpa said it well, though when he said simply, "This.  I'm just thankful for this."  

This year, I have a husband, a puppy, a nice apartment, a job, clothes, good food, healthy familiy, salvation, good friends, and lots of things I don't need.  In addition to all that, God gave me a really special week with my family here in Chicago... probably to tide me over since I'll be spending my first Christmas away from them, ever.

Thanks be to God for all His many gifts!
xoxo, A