DIY Friday: Clip Art Paper Bags

This DIY project might be too simple for some of you.  I don't want to insult your intelligence or anything.  But seriously, this made for inexpensive and really cute Christmas wrapping for delectable goodies.  

But really, you could put any kind of little gifts inside these bags.  You could use them as party favors, wedding favors, baked goods packaging, and little gift bags.

The best part is, the bags are very inexpensive.  In fact, you can get a pack of about 25 at the dollar store!  They're already a pretty kraft paper color, so all you need now is a printer and ink.  I'm not a big fan of colored ink on these bags, so I think black ink does the trick well.

After you know what you'll be packaging, you can find some appropriate clip art.  This is a website I really like.  You can find all kinds of really cool vintage clip art to decorate your bags, like these:

Then you'll want to practice.  Run a piece of paper through your printer to see which side it prints on and where, and then you can line up your bag (one at a time).  Don't forget: you will probably want to fold the top down to either staple shut or punch holes in to tie down... so don't place it too high, and make sure it's not upside-down when the bag stands upright.

One it's the size you want and in the position you want, run your bag through and see what a cute, cheap, and easily personalized gift bag you have!

I got the idea from Pinterest, via this site, but I only added a vintage Christmas clip art, not a whole Valentine's Day message.  Give it a try!

xoxo, A