Photo Saturday: Snapshots of Israel

I had the opportunity to go on a 10-day study tour of Israel with my parents' church.  It was a phenomenal experience.  I loved the ancient history and being able to see the land of the Bible with my own eyes.  I recommend everyone goes.  My favorite spots were the Sea of Galilee and Jerusalem.  I think everyone would love them as much as I did.

In a post about snapshots of Israel, you might expect to see typical sites of the Holy Land.  Instead, I wanted to give you a glimpse of some of the more unexpected or unusual sites that I enjoyed.  Enjoy a walk through the Holy Land-- more specifically, Jerusalem...

I remember stopping in my tracks when I came upon this little vendor as we walked through Jerusalem.

We spent our last night in Jerusalem atop an old hotel, hoping to view the supposed fireworks that never happened.  Instead, we saw a lunar eclipse!

I did not expect to find Willy Wonka's booth in the maze of Jerusalem's streets. 

This is our leader, Doug Bookman.  Never have I met a more knowledgeable Old Testament scholar!  What fun he was!  This was taken as we looked out at Jerusalem for the first time from the Mount of Olives.

This is a brother and sister, walking to school in the morning light.

On the Sea of Galilee...

Such a beautiful little alcove in Jerusalem.

In Nazareth Village, where they reminded us to let our light so shine among men...

Just outside our hotel in the Christian quarter. :)

xoxo, A