Inspiration Monday: Florida Backyard Party

It must be this warm weather talking, but I'm longing for a backyard party.  Of course, I've never had a backyard party in Florida, because when we do have parties in the spring/summer, they're located indoors, where our makeup doesn't melt off our faces and we avoid sweaty pit stains.

I remember backyard parties in Chicago.  My parents have an enormous backyard, and thick, lush, green grass.  Whatever the occasion-- Father's Day, Memorial Day, Mom's birthday-- both sides of the family would gather together on lawn chairs under the Catalpa tree and let the warm summer breeze graze our skin, as we invariably made fun of each other/loved being together.

I would like to imagine that one day I will have a lovely home here in Florida, and despite was Hband says, it will have a backyard.  In that backyard, I will have lots and lots of orange trees-- nearly a grove, maybe.  And amongst the thick cluster of orange trees, surrounded by their blossoms' heavenly scent, I will have a spring party; our makeup will not melt, and our armpits will stay dry, and this is what it will look something like:

My future backyard?  Only time will tell!

Just for funsies, this party will have little spray-painted animals as placecards.  Follow the source link for the tutorial.

There will be arrangements such as these (nevermind that peonies and tulips don't grow in Florida)

And this just has the feel I'm going for-- nostalgic Florida

We may have pretty drinks like this

And for entertainment?  Animal-shaped pinatas, of course!

Inspired yet to have a backyard party, wherever you're located?  It's about as pre-summer as you can get!

xoxo, A