DIY Friday: Photo Editing

Maybe I shouldn't tell you this.  Maybe I should keep this a secret.  But no, I think you need to know, if you don't already: anyone can pass for an amateur photographer these days.  It's easy.  Don't get me wrong-- there is no faking those extreme talents with an awesome DSLR camera.  That's why they have actual jobs as photographers.  But for the rest of us who just like photography and want to make pretty pictures, we have to use our point-and-shoot and some kind of post-processing.

I'd like to think I possess a little bit of photography skills-- both in the actual taking of pictures and the post-processing.  I'd like to think I have a bit of an "eye."  But maybe I'm just good at using the tools laid out before me.  I used to use Picnik, but they're closed.  Boo.  Since then, I discovered PicMonkey, which I think I like even better.  The only downside is that it seems like after a while, they're going to start charging for some of their features.  Nobody likes that, PicMonkey.  Nobody.

If this is old hat to you, I'm sorry.  But if you're overwhelmed by the website and think you're not creative?  Think again.  You can do this, and you can rescue almost any bad photo.  I mean really bad photos.  Want to see what I mean?

The photo of darkness: no flash= no faces.
OK. so maybe this isn't a FANTASTIC photo, but it's at least artsy and somewhat salvaged.
The blur: somebody moved = shmear. 
Not so bad, right?

This one is not so bad, just a little out of focus.

But this one is better, yes?

See? Just a few clicks and we've salvaged/improved photos!  Just mess around and play with the features-- nothing is permanent!  Have fun!

xoxo, A