Photography Saturday: Florida Favorites

My roots run all the way to Illinois, but now I'm here in Florida.  I've begun growing roots here, too, as I've been here almost 5 full years.  A lot happens in 5 years.  You could get a job, move in with your bestie, be in three weddings, move into your own place, get a boyfriend, get engaged, and get married.  *whew* 

I didn't always love Florida.  When I first moved here, I kind of didn't like it.  The only thing keep me here was the people.  Well, that and the fact that I knew God wanted me here and to leave would be a Jonah-like thing to do, and we all know how that turned out.  The heat was opressive, my hair was no match for its humidity, the people drove weird, they called it "soda," not "pop," and there were only two seasons-- hot and hotter. 

But now, I enjoy Florida for its own unique features.  The beach is gorgeous every time.  Even on a hot day, spreading my toes in the sand and then hopping into the salty waves is fun.  Nothing beats those clear, non-humid days that are warm with a cool breeze.  While everyone else is freezing their goofies off in Chicago, I'm taking a nice walk in the sunshine.  I love the fish here.  I'd never heard of Mahi-Mahi until I moved to Florida, and oh how life has changed for the better.  It doesn't get any better than fresh fish on the beach.  I love that all my friends are not bleach-blonde tan goddesses, like I thought Florida was full of.  They're normal people who really only go to the beach maybe a few times a year.  I like the solidarity of those who live here-- we band against those crazy Spring Breakers and Snow Birds!  Publix.  Need I say more?  There are Publixes galore in Florida and I'm grateful.

Enjoy some of my favorite glimpses of my life in Florida.

The sunset on Clearwater Beach... always.

Home-grown oranges.

Old, kitschy hotels.

The sponge docks.

Two words: Disney World.

The skyline that makes me happy when coming home from a road trip.  And a storm blowing in.

Ocean life.

Fresh strawberries from Plant City.

Tarpon Springs.

The Bucs.  My other, newer boys.

I <3 Florida.

xoxo, A