Inspiration Monday: My Future Son's Room

I couldn't have a post about my future daughter's room and neglect my future son, now could I?  Again, this is hopefully years away, but when inspiration hits, there's no arguing. 

I kind of hope I have a lot of boys.  Which most likely means I'll have a lot of girls, but oh well.  All the better to soften Daddy's grizzly bear exterior, right?

So if I had a son, before he got too old to think this was fun, I'd give him a Peter Pan inspired room, because I'd probably never want him to grown up-- he could stay a little boy forever.  And this would be his room:

It won't be this dark or have a creepy light fixture, but there will be built-in bookshelves and bunk beds.

It will have some kind of tent/teepee, maybe like this, but without the little chandelier inside.  Weird.

It will probably have wainscoting as high as in this picture, and maybe this color, too. 

To accent the above color, the drapes or bedspreads will be made with this, and varying tones/patterns of this: 

With these pillows:

And this: 

And these, too! 

And I'll paint Peter's shadow! 

They'll have a campfire light:

And posters like this: 

And this: 

And this: 

Can you get the picture?  Built-ins painted taupe, with stripes and patterns of yellow, gray/taupe, red, and teal.  Cute, yes?

xoxo, A