DIY Friday: Cake Stands

For the centerpieces at my reception, I knew what I wanted before I even knew whom I was going to marry: cake stands.  The problem was, when it came down to it, I didn't have $20 per table to blow on a cake stand.  So I took the easy and cheap route.  I made them.  These worked perfectly for my reception, plus I sold them afterwards to another bride!  You could make them in any color, for any occasion.  I chose a cream-colored spray paint to match the cute dollar store plates.  Here's what you'll need:

vases or stemware
spray paint 
adhesive for ceramics/glass

Here's how I accumulated my supplies:  I went to the dollar store and bought up about 13 of one really cute style of plates.  That's $1 per plate, folks, at the Dollar Tree.  Then I went to thrift stores and picked up bases. You could really use anything, but I needed tall ones, so I bought vases for around $.25-$1 a piece.  The whole cake plate then cost around $2, not including the glue or paint.  Wow!  Then I matched my plate to a Krylon (the best brand, in my opinion) spray paint color at Walmart (that's the cheapest place I found it), glossy finish, for ceramics.  It was around $4 for the can.  I found the adhesive at Ace, but they probably had it at Walmart, too.  I can't remember how much it was, but it wasn't terribly expensive, and you don't need to use a ton, so it lasts.

At home, I first spray painted all the bases on the lawn outside my building.  Then felt a little tipsy.  Hahaha.  After they were dry (a few hours), I checked for any missed spots, then affixed the base to the plate with the glue.  Be sure it's in the center!  I didn't care if the glue was globby, because it was the underside.  I let it set for at least a day.  Then ta-da, the cake plate was complete! 

ANYONE can do this.  On a dime. :)  And it's customizable, too!
 This is the photographer's shot of one of the centerpieces (in case you're wondering-- un-frosted brownies from Publix, about $7 a piece, and then powdered sugar doily stenciling for table numbers... Thanks Sarah and Jeremy! :) )
 See it in the background?  These are the favors.
My uglier photo for when I was planning the tables.  But it works.  Not the prettiest base of all the ones I had.  Also, note the little votive holder?  DIY mercury glass... that DIY is coming!
xoxo, A