Inspiration Monday: My Future Daughter's Room

I have plans.  Oh, I have plans.  Frequently God likes to toss my plans in a big old salad, but I still have plans.  I like when His plans and my plans are the same plans.  Those are the best.  Like with Hband. :) 

I am NOT pregnant and hope to not be for quite some time.  And even when I am, I kind of hope to have a boy first, just so other kids we have can have a protective older brother; something I always had wanted.  Not like I can control any of that.  But anyway... I just think girls' rooms are adorable.  So if I ever have one, here's some inspiration for what I want her room to look like:

She would have awesome bed curtains like this, only maybe ruffly and definitely a different color.
This bunting bedding would be beyond cute. 
How adorable would this be on the walls?  Or as throw pillows? 
But this on the walls or as throw pillows is pretty cute too.  I love these colors. 
Have you seen these Dutch doors?  I think they're awesome, and perfect for a kid's room.  Plus she'll have a window seat, too.  Naturally. 
This graphic is fun and all the write colors.  Maybe it will go on her wall. 
Then again this hot air balloon print is kind of perfect. 
Oh ruffled curtains.  I love you and you will be in my daughter's room. 
And ruffled pillows.  You will be there too. 
A rug like this, maybe? 

So here's to someday. :)

xoxo, A