Photo Sunday: Honeymooners

Oh, honeymoon. :)  In typical "us" fashion, we had lots of misadventures, and we endured bitter cold.  But I wouldn't have had it any other way.  I got to walk the streets of NYC with my best friend and new husband, and the only thing we had to think about was where we were going to eat and what new sight we'd see next.  Is there anything better than a honeymoon?  Maybe an "official" honeymoon (coming in June)!

Can I make a recommendation to all you single women?  It was fantastic having a domestic honeymoon.  Our official one will be international, but six months after our wedding.  Can I recommend that for you, if you're considering an international honeymoon?  I mean, I'm positive it would still be amazing (because international traveling always is), but it seems like it would be so much less stressful when you don't have a 10 hour + flight, weird food, and a foreign language as stressors on this special trip.

My suggestion, if you feel like listening to it, is if you want an international honeymoon, plan it for a while after your actual wedding, so that by the time it comes, you've got fewer things to worry about and more time to plan.  Planning a wedding is hard enough, but add planning an international trip, and you may end up in a foreign land with a few more gray hairs.  Try planning a lower-key, domestic trip as your immediate honeymoon.  You might find it more relaxing.  Just saying!

Unless of course, your in-laws are loaded and are sending you somewhere fantastic.  In that case: GO, you fool, GO!
xoxo, A