DIY Friday: Fabric-Covered Books

I did this DIY for Bestie Jr.'s baby shower, and they turned out fantastic.  I'm sure there are other, better ways to cover your books with fabric, but here's a little bit of information about me: I am expedient.  I like doing things quickly, mostly because who has time to labor over something that doesn't deserve my labor?  The faster I can get a little task done, the more time I can spend with Hband, or friends, or (especially) the Lord!

So here's a quick way to cover your books with fabric-- use them to decorate in little piles, or put them all on a bookshelf for a very design-magazine look, like this:

or this:

  • fabric-- any kind of lightweight cotton.
  • tape that will hold onto fabric
  • books-- I suggest cheap ones bought at a thrift store.  Choose fatter ones rather than slim volumes.
  • fabric scissors
I purchased really cute quilting fabric at half price from JoAnn's-- fabric in all sorts of patterns and shades of coral, aqua, and gray.

Then I ravaged my bookshelves for old, fat books.  I originally had bought most of them when I was in my antique book phase, but I realized many of them were not anything special.  So I used those.  I do have some treasured antique books that I'll never harm.  I'm a book lover. 

Open your book on top of your fabric so the covers and spine are flat.  Cut roughly two inches around the perimeter.  Place your book where you want it on the fabric and locate the spine.  Cut the fabric on the left side of the spine and stop at the spine, and do the same for the right side, so you have a little flap as wide as the spine.  Do the same for the other end.  Cut the flap even with the spine or try to tuck it in-- whichever works.

Now simply fold the fabric over the inside covers and secure with tape!  It won't look good on the inside, but from the outside, no one would ever know.

Tip: don't have too much fabric around the edges or when you fold it up, it will be bulky and your book won't close.

And now you have adorable, fabric-covered books that take very little time and very little money, but pack a lot of decorating punch.  They're completely customizable.  Just don't let anyone open them up. :)

xoxo, A