Thoughts for Thursday: Let it Be.

Not only is "Let it Be" a fave Beatles song of mine, it's also something I'm trying (desperately) to practice.  Not in some existential, mantra-ish kind of New-Agey way, if that makes any kind of sense, but in a "loosen your freaking grip on everything, Amanda," kind of way.  

Like yesterday.  I was already a day late in my cleaning and checking my finances, due to Hband's bday on Monday, but Bestie was in town because Bestie Jr. had her baby (pictures to come), and she had time to hang out with me.  So we sat on my couches and talked and laughed and poured out our hearts like the old days.  The laundry didn't get done, the kitchen didn't get cleaned, and the clothes stayed on my bedroom floor.  But you know what?  The sky didn't fall.  I enjoyed relaxing and trying to loosen my grip on that day.

Hband says I don't roll with anything very well, and he's probably right.  I'm as flexible as they come in my classroom, because I just have to be.  But at home, that's not the case.

Today, I still had that cleaning to do.  But I wanted to spend time with my niece, because hey-- she's only three days old once. :)  So I cleaned the clothes off the floor and did the laundry, but the kitchen really can wait another day.

There's no use putting pressure on myself to be Donna Reed when Donna Reed didn't have to work 10 hours in a day and then do all her wifey stuff, and still look pretty.  I'm just going to try to slow it down and try to let it be.  Try to live in the moment.  Try to just roll with it.

We'll see how that  goes.  But for now I'm more relaxed than I've been for a while.  You should try it, it's nice.

xoxo, A