Photo Saturday: The "Last Hurrah": Key West

Way back before Bestie and Bestie Jr. got married, we planned a "Last Hurrah;" it was supposed to be a getaway for three sisters/besties before any permanent boys came to stay in our lives.  Little did we know, we'd use any and every excuse to have many more "last hurrahs."  Because really, why not?

But this, I think, was the best of them all.  We took a road trip to Key West.  I'd go back in a second.  I've never seen water so...turquoise.  I've never been closer to Cuba (90 miles!).  I've never seen so many wild roosters.  I've never felt so tropical/free/pampered.  It was, quite simply, divine.

We stayed at the Southernmost Hotel, in a room that opened up to look right at that gorgeous water.  And hammocks.  There were hammocks, glorious hammocks, in which I took sunshine-drenched naps, and in which Bestie Jr. and I cackled and ate key lime pie.  We rented bikes when our snorkeling adventure was cancelled (waters too rough-- it made for a delicious breeze!), and we found other kinds of adventures.  We ate some pretty fantastic food, and had an all-around, typical hen party for the three of us.

And I tried a margarita at Jimmy Buffet's Maragritaville.  I took four sips and called it a night.  SO.  GROSS.  But it was fun to watch middle-aged men and women dance, anyway.  We also pretended the gay parade didn't happen.  But it did.

Also, never had we been hit on quite so much as walking down the streets of Key West.  Just saying: Ego Boost.


xoxo, A