Inspiration Monday: Friday Afternoon Fish Fry

I guess this is a little late, since Lent is almost over.  Oh well.

Though I am a Christian, I don't usually observe Lent.  Not because I disagree with the idea, but because I always seem to forget until the last minute, and I don't want to just give up some random thing just to do it.  The point is to give up something you love and will miss, and in its absence, you think about Christ's sacrifice.  One year my closest friend from high school gave up her pillow.  I admired that-- she really got the idea.  Hband said one year he gave up fighting with his siblings.  That made me laugh because that meant he both enjoyed fighting with them and would resume it after Easter.  

But anyway, I somehow got to thinking about Friday fish fries, and then I imagined a little Friday afternoon fish fry in a summery backyard.  You must wear a sun dress and cute espadrilles; straw hat optional.  Oh, and come on your adorable bicycle, please.

Such as this:

Or this:

And look like this, if possible (haha, right ):

We'll eat here:

On a tablecloth like this:

Topped with this:

And this:

And we'll drink these rosemary lemonades:

We'll enjoy these salads:

And of course, the main event (MUST be in newspaper, of course!) :

Finish it off with some lemon gelato:

Ready for the fish fry?

xoxo, A