While I Was Sleeping

It has come to my attention that my husband is a troublemaker, and likes to make mischief.  OK, so I knew that already.  What I didn't know is that he would make mischief while I was sleeping.  Here is an uncomprehensive list of recent events:

Last night, I woke up to him at the side of my bed, poking at me, while making a creepy face.  There was no other purpose to this incident except to wake me up and have me see his creepy face.  I think I said "Why would you DO that?  I was SLEEPING!"

He just admitted to, after I wake up in the middle of the night, muttering under his breath to try to get me to say weird things (which I tend to do.  Once I got mad at him because he didn't take the vegetables out and now they're going to explode.).

Sometimes, he'll slowly reach his hand across the bed, under the blankets, and then start to tickle me.  When I'm trying to sleep.  I hate it.

Also last night, I got back from a bathroom trip and I just knew he'd be up to something, because he was still awake.  So I shone my phone on the bed, and sure enough, he was laying on my side, with his head UNDER my pillows.  I don't know what the end game was there-- maybe have me go to lay down and then freak out?  Or maybe he was just being weird.

Once I woke up to him poking my face.

He also told me he has touched my nose repeatedly, and I kept scratching my nose in my sleep.

Apparently, if it's nighttime and I'm asleep and Hband is bored, these are the kinds of things that happen.  I just thought the world should know this man I've married.  Is it any wonder that when I do wake up on my own at night, I think he did it on purpose and blame him for it?  Because I do that.  When I told him I was writing this blog post, he replied with, "You didn't have to marry me.  You're lucky."  To which I said, "Yes.  Yes I am." :)

xoxo, A